Renovation, home improvement and house building is a BIG deal. We have resources to help the homeowner have a successful project with confidence and ease. The key is getting the right information at the right time – that’s what this site is all about. It is so true that Knowledge is Power. Knowledge about your building project will:

  • Create an easier and less stressful home building adventure.
  • Gives you control and confidence about hiring, paying and managing your project.
  • Empower you to make the right choices for your home.

Imagine having a Builder In Your Pocket!

This site is arranged with both the Homeowner and Builder, Architect or Designer in mind.

I’ve taken all of those overwhelming pieces of the building process and broken them down for you-the homeowner- to explore at your own pace. With the right information, your home-building journey can be an exciting, creative and easier one!  Shopping (believe or not) is one of the hardest things a homeowner has to do.  See our section on Buying Guidance with free information, then when you are ready, consider purchasing a Buying Guide for the selections you need to make.

If this is your first time with house building, remodeling or home improvement, there are buying guides, checklists and in-depth information on specific topics to help you through.  Experienced building pros can learn more about Green Building practices or use this site as a helpful tool to educate their clients. We always welcome suggestions for improving our site or for ideas on topics you want to see.

Find the information and encouragement you need for your house building, renovation, remodeling or home improvement project.  From a builder to you.


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