Bifold Doors

by Julie

Interior Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are sometimes called folding or bifolding doors-for obvious reasons.  See photo below of 6-panel bifold.   Bifold doors are a type of door (see below) but can be made from any style.  If air flow is needed, you could use louvered doors.  Paneled bifold is one of the more common and used to match the rest of the panel configuration in the house.  But, for something truly unique, think about glass bifold doors.

The “type” of door mainly refers to its structure or how the door will function.  There are 5 different types: single, double, bifold, bypass and pocket.   Mainly the type refers to whether the doors are set in a double opening, single opening and how the doors operate: swing, fold or slide.  The names of the types are very commonsense.

Bifold door features are:

  • Bifold doors fold up rather like an accordion. They are often used on closets where a wide opening is desired but a large door swing is undesirable or wall space is tight.
  • They are designed to open from only one side so they are not typically used as a passage door.
  • Bifold doors can be made from almost any style, like louvered or paneled as shown in the photo below.

    Bifold Doors.  2 sets of 6-panel doors.

    Bifold Doors. 2 sets of 6-panel doors. Although, each "section" is technically 3 panels, it is designed to match 6-paneled doors.


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