For Building Professionals

The majority of the information here is written with homeowners in mind.  However, I believe that our site can help YOU with:

  1. Information about Green Building. Paul LaGrange and others professionals share their technical know-how on green building and energy efficiency. Paul is a true expert in both of these areas and presents the building science behind them in an understandable way.  That’s why I love working with him and sharing his information.We are both located in the New Orleans area and have developed some leading edge techniques that apply energy efficiency principles to turn-of-the-century houses.  Making an old house green!
  2. Client Satisfaction. As a veteran builder, I know all too well the stresses that develop when dealing with overwhelmed and uninformed clients. My favorite projects were always those with proactive and informed clients; however, most homeowners wait until the project is well underway to begin learning the basics – and there are a LOT of basics.  Part of the problem, I think, is that it can be hard to find all the information needed in just one place.  Until now.  🙂

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