Should I Buy Doors from an Online Door Company?

by Julie

Ready to Buy Doors?  Consider an Door Company Online

When a homeowner is ready to buy doors, an online door company should probably be considered.  As a builder, I typically sent my clients to a local door supplier, where they could sit down with the salesperson.  Once I started my website, offering information to the homeowner renovating a house or building a house new, I realized a whole online world relative to residential construction.  I’ve changed my approach and now think that online is just as viable an option as any other.  There are advantages and disadvantages to each.

An online door company usually has an extensive, color photo gallery where the homeowner can easily browse around to find the doors for your home.  These photo galleries make it so easy to look through the various options at your leisure.  I think this may be the biggest advantage that an online door company has.  When you go to a showroom, the salesperson usually points you to brochures, which may or may not be as extensive.

Without a showroom, there is reduced overhead so that an online door company might offer better pricing than a local company would.  The homeowner should make sure that there is an apples to apples comparison though and double check who the manufacturer is.  If it is the same door, then it is an honest comparison.  If not, do some due diligence about the manufacturer of the doors you are considering to make certain that the same level of quality exists.

I advise any homeowner to use their instincts about anyone they work with, from suppliers to contractors.  If you find doors that you like online, call the company.  Speak with a salesperson and express any concerns that you may have.  Ask them about the quality, where they get their doors, their warranties, etc.  Pay attention not only to their answers, but to your own instincts.  Do your gut instincts tell you that will work with a good door company with quality doors?

One advantage that some online companies have is their custom offerings.  Some of the online door companies offer truly unique doors, like all hardwood in a variety configurations and wood species.  An example of one such company is Homestead  They also offer custom, hardwood doors which they manufacture in addition to distribute.

Whether you buy from an online or local door company, it is your own preparation that will aid you the most.  Find all the door information that can so you can ask good questions and know what you are talking about.  Consider our Complete Guide to Buying Interior Doors to just flat out make easy on yourself.


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