Complete Guide to Buying Interior Doors

by Julie

Planning to Buy Doors? Ready to Shop for Your Interior Doors?

You could spend hours searching the Internet, looking for door information or buy the Complete Guide to Interior Doors and make it easy on yourself.

See Inside the book for a preview.

Guide to Buying Interior Doors

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Read and study it before you head out to shop for doors. The book is comprehensive and easy to read, plus it comes with a handy checklist to help you sort through your choices.  With this book, you will:

  • Have an easier, less frustrating experience
  • Save time with fewer trips to the showroom
  • Make exactly the right choices for your home
  • Work confidently with suppliers and contractors
  • Save money-less mistakes and great tips

What is a “buying guide” and why do I need one? How can it help me?

Our buying guides are comprehensive with everything you need to know about the purchases for your home.

You have dozens of selections to make at (possibly) more than 20 different suppliers. See Working With Suppliers. You must select everything from flooring to roofing. For each selection, there is free buying guidance on our site, so please browse around.

If you are prepared ahead of time, then shopping is MUCH easier and you can save yourself lots of time and frustration. You can hone in on what you really want and focus on ways to meet the budget. Without advance preparation, well…shopping is not so easy.

How hard can it be?

I asked my door supplier how many trips, on average, an owner makes to their showroom to choose doors and windows. She said 4-5. And that’s just one supplier!

Can you picture the amount of time make this will take you? Can you imagine how overwhelming it can be? You will be hit with tons of questions. The overwhelming part is that you probably know very little about these things.

Take interior doors, for example. They are all around us and we use them all the time. How much could there be to know? There is A LOT.

At the showroom, here are a few of the questions you will be asked: paint or stain, height, jamb size, threshold, panel configuration and profile, handing, solid or hollow, type of door, style of door, bore, hardware, type of material, smooth or textured, etc?

It’s a long list. While homes are a familiar place, the construction of them is a whole new world. Remember, we are here to make Home Improvement Easy. 😀

I’m Julie’s client who felt lost and stupid after going door shopping, as I discovered that I didn’t even know what a door jamb is. I thought I did, but I was wrong – which was painfully apparent when the salesperson asked me to make some selections and I didn’t know what all of the parts of a door are and how that would affect my choices.

Julie is very knowledgeable and an excellent teacher, but if I had had this book, it would have been a way to educate myself and given me a quick reference guide when I needed to refresh my memory, especially if I needed to make a decision when she couldn’t be there. Unless you just hand a contractor the keys and say “Remodel my house and make all of the decisions for me.” – which no sane contractor would agree to do – you need Julie’s guide books.

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