Bypass or Sliding Doors

by Julie

Bypass Doors are Sliding Doors

Bypass doors slide one in front of the other.  They are set in a double opening and can be made from any style, like flush (shown in the photo below).

The “type” of door mainly refers to its structure or how the door will function.  There are 5 different types: single, double, bifold, bypass and pocket. Mainly the type refers to whether the doors are set in a double opening, single opening and how the doors operate: swing, fold or slide.  The names of the types are very commonsense.

The features of a bypass door are:

  • In a bypass or sliding door, one section of the door passes in front of another.
  • They are often used on closets.
  • The photo below shows a bypass unit made from flush doors.  You can just as easily make bypass doors work with any “style”, like paneled, louvered or glass.
  • These are available with mirrors that cover the entire door.  If you like the look of this, then it would come in handy in a bedroom dressing area.
Bypass Door Unit.  Note the wide, plain casing.

Bypass Door Unit. Note the wide, plain casing.


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