Flush or Slab Doors

by Julie

Flush Doors are also called Slab Doors

Flush doors are made from wood veneers or Hardboard and only come in a smooth finish.  They can be dressed up to look unique-see photo below.

There are only 4 general door styles: flush or slab, paneled, louvered and glass.  Some manufacturers might refer to these classifications as “types” or “design”.  There are countless variations available within each.  The variations come from all the other choices associated with the doors, like casing, types, panels, profiles and finish.

  • Flush doors are also called “slab” doors. These doors do not have any panels, glass, molding-just smooth.  You have the choice of solid or hollow core.
  • The flush door shown below is the plainest door available, also making it the least expensive choice.
  • You can see that it is  “dressed up” two ways-by using a wider, more decorative casing and a lever handle knob.

True Story. I always thought of these doors as the “cheapie” units and never used them.  Until…one creative client (with their designer) used solid core, flush doors throughout the house with no casing at all.  Very modern and cool looking!

Flush Door.  Note the wider casing and single lever handle.

Flush Door. Note the wider casing and single lever handle.


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