Dear Homeowner,

For the homeowner, building and remodeling a home is difficult. Period.  Even with plenty of money and a good, seasoned team it can still be a challenge.  People are thrown into a world that they know very little about, asked to make thousands of decisions in a very short time – all the while spending more money on any one thing than they probably ever will in their lives.  It adds up to a stressful environment-for both homeowners and builders.

It is also one of the most thrilling things you will ever do.  Through the years that I’ve been building, the one factor that tipped the scales towards the more creative, exciting and smoother projects was the involvement of a proactive, knowledgeable homeowner.  I call them empowered homeowners.

My heartfelt desire is to help make the process of building or remodeling your home the smooth, creative and exciting journey that I know it can be.

Knowledge IS Power. We want to help you become an empowered homeowner.

The information contained on this site can make your project:

  1. Easier.  Decisions become much simpler when you learn upfront instead of on-the-fly.  When you have time-in the quiet of your home-to educate yourself on the next phase.  Or, to gain a good working knowledge before you go shopping.  You may want to read the Buying Guides-Questions and Answers to gain some insight into the world you are about to enter.
  2. Under Your Control.  The foremost factor in controlling a construction project is moneyHow you pay your contractors, knowing your real budget ahead of time and minimizing changes are absolutely essential elements to having a project under control.  You’ll also learn about other important issues such as time management and communication with your team-the architect, designer, builder, trades, suppliers and more.  The Manging Your Project section of the website should prove to be invaluable.
  3. Succeed with Your Vision. We’ll explain the choices you need to make-from flooring to roofing-and how to make them so they come together to fulfill your vision.  You will be able to speak confidently to your contractors and suppliers and possibly save some money!  You will most certainly save a lot of time once you know how to Work with Suppliers.
  4. Want to Make Your Home Green? We have an entire section of our site devoted to make a home green.  Talk about saving money!  Not to mention saving the planet or your health.  Green is not hard once you know how.

So, study up! Use the free information and resources on the site.  When it’s time to go shopping for part of your home (doors, cabinets, windows, etc.), purchase one of the Buying Guides about that item.  The few dollars and the time you spend to read it will pay off enormously.

Now you have a Builder in Your Pocket to guide your way through the exciting time ahead!

One suggestion-start by reading Terms to Know.

We are still building the site and have LOTS more information on the way.  Check back often.


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