How to Seal Duct Collars

by Julie

An Easy Do-It-Yourself Home Improvement Project

The Correct Way to Seal Duct Collars with Mastic

Step 1
Apply mastic approximately 2” wide uniformly around the collar of the metal fifing. Reference the data on mastic container for application rate, application thickness, cure times and handling information.
Step 2
Slide at least 2” of duct core over the filling or sleeve ends and past the bead.

Step 3
Secure core to collar with a clamp or tie wrap applied past the bead.
Step  4
Pull jacket and insulation back over core ends. Tape jacket(s) with at least 2 wraps of UL rated duct tape or a tie wrap.

Step 1-Cover duct collar with mastic

Step 2-fit duct over duct collar

Step 3-Secure with ties or metal stra

Step 4-Slide insulation tight and wrap with duct tape


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