Louvered Doors

by Julie

Louvered Doors offer Variety and Air Flow

Louvered doors are so unique!  They generally come full or half louvered as shown in the photos below (in pine).

There are only 4 general door styles: flush or slab, paneled, louvered and glass. There are countless variations available within each.  The variations come from all the other choices associated with the doors, like casing, types, panels, profiles, finish…

•    Louvered doors are made with horizontal slats along the full length or a portion (half) of the door.
•    These assemblies allow air flow and provide a unique look.
•    Louvered doors also have a special look which may suit the style of your house or your taste.

I’ve seen stained louvered doors installed throughout an entire house. Very unique.

The photo below shows a louvered door in pine wood.  Could be stained or painted.

Full louvered door in pine.  Could be stained.

Full louvered door in pine. Could be stained.

Half-louvered door in pine.

Half-louvered door in pine.


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