Panel Door

by Julie

A Panel Door Offers the most Options

There are only 4 general door styles: flush or slab, paneled, louvered and glass. Some manufacturers might call these selections “types” or “design”.  There are countless variations available within each.  The variations come from all the other choices associated with the doors, like: casing, types, panels, profiles, finish, painted or stained…

Some features of a panel door are:

  • Unlike flush doors, these doors come with panels, or recessed areas on the door itself.
  • ‘Panel configuration’ basically refers to the number of panels and their shape.  The panel configuration probably affects the design of the door more than any single feature.
  • Basic configurations are single, 2-panel (shown below), 4-panel and 6-panel (shown below). Any of these panels can be made with a square or an arched top.  Other configurations are also available in certain manufacturing lines, like the 5-horizontal panel door shown below.
  • The 6-panel door is probably the most common other than flush doors.
  • ‘Profile’ refers to the edges of the panels-how they look.  Raised molding is a common profile.
  • Many other configurations and profiles are available, which vary from one manufacturer to another.
    Arched-top, 2-panel door.  Molded.

    Arched-top, 2-panel door. Molded.

    6-panel door.  Composite door-painted.

    6-panel door. Composite door-painted. Probably the most common door there is aside from, maybe, a flush door.

  • 5 horizontal panels.  Maple.  Can be stained or painted.

    5 horizontal panels. Maple. Can be stained or painted.


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