Sealing other Connections in your Flex Duct System

by Paul LaGrange

Make sure to Seal All the Connections in your Flex Ductwork

Some of the connections to pay attention to are:  the pressure box, registers, collars and boots.

Connections at the junction box should be sealed with a heavy layer of mastic.  Mastic should be applied with a paintbrush around the entire perimeter of the collar to prevent air leakage.

The goal is to make the entire duct and HVAC system as air tight as possible.  If there is no air leakage at all, then your energy efficiency goes up.  Basically, it saves you money.  Think about it, really, some mastic and a few hours work—money saved month after month.

Mastic done right on flex duct collars

Mastic done right

Flex duct connections to seal

Flex duct connections to seal


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