Standard Door Sizes-Carried in Stock

by Julie

Standard Door Sizes of Stock Doors

Most door and door units for new house building or remodeling projects come from a local door company and all standard door sizes are either ordered or carried in stock.

In some cases, you can literally walk out of the store with your chosen door. These are called “stock” doors because they are kept, well, in stock (on-site).   Most suppliers have some type of warehouse attached to their showroom. But, as you can imagine, those warehouses are not big enough to house every selection of door and door units.

However, on occasion, you may need to pick up a door right away.  I have done that too.  I quickly decided that I wanted more light in a wall during my own home remodeling project.  The off-the-shelf patio door (an exterior one) worked great on an interior wall. It let in the light that I wanted. Being able to throw the patio door in the back of my truck certainly worked with my off-the-cuff planning.  And to think that I admonish my clients about the importance of planning ahead!

Hopefully, you WILL plan ahead.  The typical homeowner going thru a house building or remodeling project will meet with the salesperson at a door supplier.  They will guide you through all of the door and door options available.  This way, you get to choose just the right doors for your home. Then, the doors you select are ordered and delivered to the construction site once they arrive. This process can take several weeks.  The builder is the person who should be responsible to make sure that your selection is ordered in a timely manner.

If you do need to pick up a door in stock and carry it out or have it delivered the next day, then your selection is limited.  The big box stores, like Lowes or Home Depot, carry a few choices. The door suppliers will probably carry about the same door sizes and types as the home improvement stores do plus a few more.

In terms of style of want you may find it stock, you will be able to get flush, louvered or paneled doors (in limited panel configurations).  The sizes available as a stock door will vary by market and by the door supplier.

In our market, stock door sizes are:

Passage doors:  1-6, 2-0, 2-4, 2-6, 2-8, and 3-0.
Bifold doors: 4-0, 5-0 and 6-0.

Other door options, like pocket doors, unusual panel configurations, decorative glass, bypass doors, double doors and more will usually only be available by order.

Maximize your home décor by planning ahead (I know!).  This way, you at least have more options concerning style and your door and door sizes, which you will have to order from the door company and not just throw in the back of your truck. Door and


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